Yes, minorities are actually terrified.

I keep seeing this quote, “the media took trump literally, but not seriously. His supporters took him seriously, but not literally.”

I would like to add an addendum. Minorities took him both seriously and literally, because we knew that, even if they weren’t the majority of his supporters, there was a large chunk of Trump supporters who also took him both literally and seriously.

This is why your Facebook feed has been so goddamn annoying for the past 48 hours white people.

For women, people of color, Muslims, Latinos, and LGBT people this election wasn’t about the economy, it was about our civil rights. Our ability to be full and equal citizens of the United States, with equal protection under the law.

We’re terrified because now that’s in jeopardy. The people animated by Trump’s most vile rhetoric aren’t gonna to wait for new laws before they intimidate, harass, or even hurt or kill us. The new government is being run by people who have pledged to dismantle the rights we’ve worked generations to get access too. We feel unsafe in our own country.

We’re facing two distinct but correlated threats. The reanimation and acceptance of open bigotry, and a government that is indifferent, maybe even hostile, to protecting us.

And we’re really, really, fucking pissed that you didn’t care enough about us to even think about that.

Urbanism nerd, Mac enthusiast, Iowan

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