Color is back on the Mac!

By god, they actually did it. They made the Mac fun again. I love the design of the new iMacs. They’re fun, stylish, and the perfect office or family computer. I was also struck by how clear it is that the new iMac isn’t a replacement for the 27" iMac, which will soldier on. I’m very curious to see what kind of performance the M1 gets in this new chassis, since it’s clear that Apple has headroom to scale up the clockspeed on the M1, especially in a device that’s always plugged in.

I do have a few nitpicks. You couldn’t have snuck an SD card reader above the headphone jack? Why, good god why, is the lightning port on the Magic Mouse a) still a lightning port, and not USB-C, b) on the bottom of the mouse. Sometimes I need to charge and use my mouse at the same time Apple. The ethernet port on the power brick is… fine. I wish you could get 10GB ethernet on this machine or the Mac mini, but that seems to be a feature Apple is holding back for it’s “Pro” machines.

This makes sense, but one of the main places I encounter 21" iMacs in the wild is in small businesses. And the $1299 machine is more than powerful enough for most of the use cases I’ve seen in the real world, except for the lack of ethernet.

That said, the new iMac is such a huge upgrade specs wise compared to the previous 21" iMac I bet I’ll be seeing tons of these colorful new machines out in the wild very soon.

Okay, one more nitpick. Where are the Pro machines? Okay, listen Apple said the transition to Apple silicon would take two years, we’re less than one year in and they’ve replaced all of their consumer machines, these new machines are all incredibly impressive, etc. So, it’s not like we’re off track or anything. But, I’m consumed with curiosity about what the Pro machines are going to offer.

All I want is 32GB of RAM, support for dual external monitors, and an SD card reader built into a 14" laptop with 16 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores. Is that so much to ask? Give me the M1X Macs Apple. I need one.




Urbanism nerd, Mac enthusiast, Iowan

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Ben Kaplan

Ben Kaplan

Urbanism nerd, Mac enthusiast, Iowan

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